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Expedition Leader Training 



Follow in the footsteps of past Trekforce Leaders including Bruce Parry and Ed Stafford - learn key Survival, Leadership and Management skills on this amazing & challenging 4 month course. You start in the mountains of Wales and then the team heads off to the jungles of Central America. This extreme Training course will push you to the limit, our instructors are there to test you; they won't make it easy. Can you get your team through some of the most challenging terrain? Will you pass as a Trekforce Expedition Leader? Kick start your career now!

What to Expect

Let’s get started! – phase 1 of your training is in North Wales and is intended to introduce you to the course, each other and start your skills development. Modules during this 2 weeks include introduction and kit, remote emergency care course, Off-site Safety Management and ends with a 6 day Mountain Leader Training course, crucial for those wanting to work in the outdoor adventure industry!


Deploy to the Jungle – following the successful completion of the Wales modules, you will deploy to the jungles of central America to continue your training. The first phase of your jungle training includes Leadership and survival training, Expedition planning, group management training, canoe training, navigation and river crossings. Put your training into practive at the end of this phase with a solo night! 


Advanced Jungle training – now you have the basics in place, you will move on to advanced specialist training modules. This builds on what you have already learnt and takes it to the next level with more in-depth training and assessment. Modules covered here include advanced medical training, river rescue, evacuation, incident management and cave rescue. Not for the faint hearted!


Lead your own expedition -  the final stage of your training involves planning and leading your own expedition. Taking charge of a group for the day you will need to plan, recce, manage and lead a group successfully on a jungle trek.


Assessment and Jobs – the course is run as a continuous assessment with your Instructors mentoring you along the way, and assessing you in key areas of Expedition Leadership. At the end of the course, those who pass with the highest scores will be offered work with Gapforce. What are you waiting for!


  • Action packed 4 month leadership course
  • Gain nationally recognised training qualifications
  • Jungle survival, remote medicine and cave rescue Training!
  • Plan and lead an actual Expedition, put your training into practice
  • Jobs with Gapforce for the top 25% of graduates!
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P7 Everest needs date cropping.jpg
P7 Everest needs date cropping.jpg

Request Info Pack

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When can I go: January, April & October

How long can I go for: 16 weeks

How much does it cost: £7,700

What's Included

  • Pre-departure briefing & support
  • 2 weeks accommodation in Wales
  • Transfer & overnight in London
  • Airport pick-up in Belize
  • Instructors  
  • local guides  
  • Medic  
  • accommodation  
  • meals  
  • All training and qualifications listed
  • logbook  
  • project equipment and materials  
  • transfers  
  • 24/7 emergency back-up  
  • social activities  
  • job assistance
  • T-shirt
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Why I Chose ELT

"The variety... Kayaking, survival, rescue training, project work, racing canoes, team management, caves, rivers, jungle...Level of responsibility, you get to lead and be involved in the running of the expedition from an early stage. The duration and intensity… 4 months of training and lots of feedback to improve your leadership and expedition skills. This pushes people to their limits."


Jade Bielski – Instructor, Expedition Leader Training Course

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