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Volunteering Road Trips



Embark on an environmentally friendly road trip which will take you around 4 vastly distinctive regions including Kathmandu, Pokhara, Annapurna and Chitwan district. This unique experience will allow you to explore these areas and experience their exotic, exciting and exclusive culture and landscape.


Explore Bali through a 4 week road trip to discover one of the most diverse and innovative performing arts cultures in the world. Visit temples, learn new art techniques and experience Bali’s beautiful scenery with bike rides through mountains or days out on the idyllic beaches.

Sri Lanka

A road trip through Sri Lanka that includes the world-famous Dutch Fort in Galle, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Tea Factory, the huge Bahirawakanda Buddha statue and the town of Nuwara Eliya known as “Little England” for its’ colonial British architecture. Enjoy an overnight stay at a temple with talks on Buddhist philosophy, natural Ayuverda treatment, a boat trip along the MaduGaga, the famous 14th century ‘Three Temples’ with their intricate hand-carvings and some Yoga and Meditation sessions.

With volunteering options to choose from including work at the Community Development Projects.

This road trip is guaranteed to be an amazing and unforgettable adventure.

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Duration: 4 weeks - 5 weeks

Project cost: from £1,400/ $2,230/ €1,700

Accommodation: Guesthouses

Staff:  Fully trained staff will accompany the group throughout their trip and will be on call 24/7.

What is included: UK Briefing Day, airport transfers, experienced staff, accommodation, 24/7 emergency back-up, community visits, social activities, t-shirt

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Why Greenforce?

The 1992 Rio Earth Summit, Section 3c stated that host countries should undertake base line biodiversity inventories to ascertain what areas need protection. If a signatory is unable to do this survey they can request assistance from international aid agencies. Greenforce is one of these agencies.

Greenforce offer long term commitment to at risk regions to help establish sustainable communities. In addition our training programs offer Volunteer Research Assistants the opportunity to work alongside scientists to make a real difference and also develop their own careers in conservation.

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