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Ghana Media Placement



Interning in Ghana - your perfect African Experience. Join our placement in the friendliest nation in Africa— Gain a valuable insight into the journalism and media industry through work experience at newspapers, TV centres, and radio stations in Ghana. Furthermore, combine different projects and volunteer on a variety of worthwhile ventures. Ghana is waiting for you!

What to Expect

Make an Impact on Journalism Culture- With the standard of media coverage still growing, you can make a lasting contribution to the progression.  Gain firsthand experience in Ghana's media culture, gain valuable insight into the industry while helping to support under-funded newspapers, TV networks and radio stations Working alongside local journalists to give you a genuine and diverse taste of the environment in which you are reporting; you will no doubt cover a number of eye-opening issues unique to Ghana.

Your Role- Improve your skills in editing, copywriting, reporting, interviewing, researching, communication and more! Work alongside some of Ghana's leading journalists and reporters who are there to offer you guidance throughout your placement.  Furthermore, you have the opportunity to get involved with schools and sports academies to teach classes in media, creative writing and the rudiments of journalism. Give something back to the community and inspire Ghana's children!

University Electives and Dissertations- Use our programme as a part of your studies! We can make an elective programme ideal for you and your academic needs.  We have had a number of students working in Ghana towards their degree, either filling course electives or researching and working towards their dissertation—advance your education with us!

Community Projects – We run a variety of community projects in Ghana, including sports coaching, teaching, care work and working in underprivileged children's centres. You are welcome to build volunteering at these projects into your itinerary and we would welcome the support during your stay.  Make your experience in Ghana as meaningful as possible! 

Explore Ghana— You’ll have plenty of time to explore the rest of Ghana! See lakes, national parks with elephants and tropical birds, waterfalls, monkey sanctuaries, beaches and more! The captivating places, intriguing people and diverse landscapes will make Ghana one of the most enlightening experiences a traveller could wish for. Sign up for our two weeks Ghana Experience program to hit all the hot spots and make the most out of your travels!


  • Work alongside some of Ghana's leading journalists and reporters
  • Teach classes in media, creative writing and the rudiments of journalism in schools
  • Select your media internship in radio station, television station or newspaper
  • Work alongside media professionals
  • Mix and match with meaningful project work
  • Learn about a new culture; make friends and memories to last a lifetime!
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When can I go: Monthly 

How long can I go for: 2 weeks-1 year

How much does it cost: From £1000

What's Included:

  • Pre-departure briefing & support
  • Airport Transfers
  • Program co-ordinator
  • Support Staff
  • Professional medical staff
  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • 24/7 emergency back up
  • Social activties
  • T-Shirt

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Why I Chose Ghana

"I definitely had the trip of a lifetime in Ghana and found it to be a great place to go for my first travelling experience as it is such a friendly, welcoming country.  The coordinators in Ghana were excellent, providing you with all the information you needed for your stay and where the first point of contact for any queries with placements. Placements were arranged really well and if you had any troubles they were responded to quickly. There are opportunities to visit schools and give lessons to children alongside your placement.  There are also many things to do in your free time such as going to craft markets, the beach/pool, and going out to bars/clubs/restaurants in the evening.  The coordinators are really great at organising group trips, for example a trip to the waterfalls, monkey sanctuary, canopy walks at Cape Coast & Big Milly's- a beach party resort.  These weekend trips gave us a chance to experience more of Ghana!  This experience is a great opportunity to meet new people from all different areas, and doing many different placements, and allows you to build really strong friendships, even in a short time span. I would definitely recommend this trip,  I didn't want to leave!"

Meg, Participant